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Investment Banking


We provide investment banking services through our wholly-owned subsidiary, 2nd Generation Financial (d/b/a of BrightChoice Financial, LLC, FINRA CRD#147509), member FINRA & SIPC. We act as an active participant in arranging and negotiating the transaction, not just as a referral source. 2ndG has been the lead adviser for debt & equity placements ranging from $500,000 to more than $30 million, as well as for mergers and acquisitions of private companies at values ranging from $1 million to $70 million. We have also acted as an adviser in the sale of intellectual property portfolios valued at $12 million to more than $1.35 billion.

Debt & Equity Placements

Our services include securing financial resources for client firms, including growth capital, acquisition financing, recapitalizations, management buy-outs and debt restructurings.