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Exit Planning

Business owners invest in their career to create wealth for their families and their future. Ensuring the effort is sustainable requires an equally significant investment in Exit Planning. Designed to serve the combined interests of the business and its owner; Exit Planning considers the impact of the transition on the owner’s personal life by evaluating how to maximize and harvest the economic value of the business and transition that value when the owner is ready.

This process promotes accelerating value accretion in the business as well as de-risking the business to prevent negative changes in value before the exit. When the owner is ready to act, there are several options to consider including; transfer of the business to family members, management and/or employees, or to an outside party. For active owners, Exit Planning is not limited to those contemplating an imminent decision. Rather, the process will provide the basis for active, strategic management of the business to ensure it is readily attractive for investment and/or market consideration when the time is right.

Our professional team is highly skilled in a variety of areas that should be included in an exit plan:

  • Wealth Management & Estate Planning
  • Tax planning – impacts on the estate plan & impacts on exit transaction structure
  • Valuation – market-related valuation is key to measuring personal financial plans and business plans
  • Risk Analysis – identifying risk areas that impact business value and exit plan flexibility
  • Strategic & Capital Advisory – considering actions that can improve business performance and ultimate values achieved in an exit
  • Investment banking – finding buyers or financing partners to facilitate the exit transaction