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Early-Stage Music Companies


We have spent considerable time working with music companies as they navigate their early-stage growth and raise capital from angel investors, venture capital firms, or strategic partners. This stage is the most exciting for entrepreneurs, but also the most tenuous for their business as they struggle with cash flow, rapid expansion and endless strategic options while continuing to maintain their identity. We understand and work with founder’s visions to help them position the company for success.

We have worked recently with companies in the following: music publishing, headphone manufacturing, sound optimization and music creation. Our most recent success story involved a company in which we were one of the original investors in Artiphon. We have been working with Artiphon since inception and the company’s INSTRUMENT1 was the most successful music instrument crowdfund in history, raising $1.3M with 3,000 backers. The company continues to expand both customers and product offerings as it addresses the $7B music industry in the U.S.